Together with "Tierschutz macht Schule" children and youth can actively experience animal welfare and get in touch with animals in order to learn about how to treat them right. 

The aim of the course is to encourage children and youth to become advocates of animal welfare who can provide information and who are role-models for their colleagues and also family when it comes to questions about the well-being of animals.

A Pet Buddy:

  • knows how to treat animals according to their species-specific needs 
  • has the moral courage to intervene when it comes to cruelty against animals
  • has compassion with weaker members of the society and stands up for them (humans and animals)
  • knows how to avoid accidents with animals
  • knows the most important part of the animal welfare law and
  • imparts his or her knowledge about animal welfare

School classes can join the "Pet Buddy" program with their teacher in the 
"Pet Buddy goes to school" course.



Targetgroup: Kids between 8 und 14 years

Groupsize: 1 schoolclass

Places: Wiener Tierschutzhaus, Zoo Schönbrunn

Price: 4 Euro per kid

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