In everyday life with our domestic animals, we mostly pay attention to the fact that our darlings get to eat enough and go for walks.

But we do not promote their spiritual abilities enough!

Searching plays, where they coach their nose, occupy dogs wonderfully.

Treats hidden in bath towels, paper roles or under a noodle sieve are a lot of fun for dogs.

Cats are occupied for hours if we hang up different things on anelastic band which she can explore. Objects are especiallyattractive where we can give in treats.

Birds, above all parrots, are very quickly spiritualunderemployed. Here a few easy things for a great employment.If you take, for example, an apple and remove the upper partand afterwards the case, bore some holes in the walls, so that asort of "way system" originates. Then you can give in somespecial titbits.

Already less often we remember to promote our rabbits, guineapigs or hamsters.

Quite simply every tool where we can hide some food will be a big enrichment for all these animals. A beautiful tool to enrich all our pets is to make a piñata and fill them with specials treats or things our pets love to explore.

How to make a pinata?

You take a balloon, mix flour with water until you get a creamy consistency.
Then you take blank pieces of paper and places it on the balloon put as much of the water cream flour on it, that the paper sticks to the balloon. Make this until the entire balloon is covered with paper. The harder you want to have the balloon all the more layers you glued to the balloon. Three layers are well proven. Then the balloon is hung to dry. If it is dry, dissolve the balloon gently out of the Papmacheball and then fill it with treats or other things.